studio type apartment interior design ideas

studio type apartment interior design ideas

hi there, you’re watching amitha verma!it’s that time of year where the kiddos are back to school and you’re probably wonderingwhere you left off on your home projects before the summer started. each year i plan out my goals and this yeari really dug deep to plan out huge goals for my business, my family, my home and much more.while i always have those goals in mind, i have to admit i sort of slacked on reviewingthem getting caught up with just enjoying the summer with my children. so as i’m performing this exercise i wantedto share a little bit with you in case you’re feeling overwhelmed this fall with your homedecorating projects and wondering what to

focus on, how you’re going to get it alldone, how you’ll stretch the budget and more in time for your holiday entertaining! first, i’m sure you had a goal of one orseveral projects you wanted to work on this year. pull out that list and let’s reviewit. if you don’t have a list - that’s my first best tip. do a brain dump and justwrite it all down. all of it, big or small. you can do it on paper or online. i do mineon the computer so i can eventually sync it with my monthly calendar. next, i want you to think about what really drives you crazy. for example, we recently did a little updateto our house and had the entire house painted. in some of the areas we didn’t get to selecthardware before we moved in. you can’t imagine

how difficult it is to open and close cabinetswithout hardware! so this project took immediate priority because it was driving us mad! we all have projects like this, so these aregreat projects to make a priority. next, think about what you truly want to finishthis year. that’s the great thing about a goal – it’s the start of a plan. youmay not reach it but you’ll surely get closer if you start thinking about what you trulywant. so in my own home, i truly want to finish my bedroom as i spend a lot of time in thisroom. for you that might be designing a room, orfilling in empty spots in several rooms or framing all your art or working on your bookshelves.

whatever it is select one at most two projects.when you’re constantly switching and toggling between tasks you can quickly start to feeloverwhelmed and frustrated. for that reason i strongly suggest just selecting one projectto complete. next, list out all of the things you needto do to finish that project. big or small, list it out. i then go back and estimate the time it takesto do the task and the approximate budget to purchase the items that i need. next, i always select a “completion” dateand enter that in my calendar. then i start to work backwards and start entering datesto actually complete each task. that might

be an installation date or a date to actuallyselect the item such as select hardware next monday. can you start to see how you can easily tacklea room and then approach it weekly and with a system in place to avoid feeling like theretoo many things to do, you don’t have enough time to get it all done and you have no ideahow much this would all end up costing!? for an example of how i do this exercise headover to our blog and under the video you will find a link to download my mind map on howto do this very exercise. this is how i approach every project and it’swhat has helped me manage a number of different design projects, including my own home.

did you like this video? i know it’s notchockfull of the latest design trends but managing a design project is the very trickto give you peace of mind and avoid that overwhelming feeling of a huge project! if you would love more of our tips head overto our blog and sign up for more free design tips! and if you know anyone feeling overwhelmedby a project, i would love the honor of you sharing this video with a friend or lovedone. thanks for watching and till next time, keepmaking your home amazing for you and your loved ones!