office interior designer singapore

office interior designer singapore

hello my name is sylvia and today, i will teach you how to orgasm actually, no. this is actually the noc obviously this is part one because we spend six months building this place and there's a lot a lot of things going on in this office so we'll have part one where i'll bring you through the whole process from the day we bought an empty warehouse and part 2 will be the sponge stuff that we fill this place up with so are you ready? okay, let's copy the first step to buying our office is to work for five years and save every single

sin you have and this very uh one goal at this empty warehouse in the middle of the gaston of singapore insurance and the second step of course is look for a interior designer so ryan did a post on his instagram to ask for recommendations of ids and we also have our good friend at renault pedia to give us some good vendors on his website and app and by the way if you don't know or have a watch on a video or a no pedia it is a place where you can find a lot of good design us and get free coats okay, so you recommend that net into your especially and we have also picked another one called seven interior so by a bare naked warehouse it means that it has no lights no electric basically nothing we had seven interior come in to do like the skeleton work pulling cables fixing lighting wires

basically very under appreciate the tough construction stuff like do you know applies okay can cost a few hundred dollars? i was actually quite shocked, and i found out that you can actually get cheaper prices elsewhere but since we really pick our supplier there. we just continue using and then after all those is done we started by having the walls painter so we got new pompeii who come in for a free inspection and could then only we decided that okay? we can use you guys and then they come in stop painting all the walls. i just be very honest here i never saw who came in from the pond pain so every time i come down to check wreck they have already came painter and left quietly, so there was no need for me to supervise anything

and i like this kind of service because i don't like to micromanage and for carpentry and the general design i picked met interior reason being they're a group of passionate young men's crew totally understands the young people kind of design sense and it really clicked with me on the first meeting so they really got what i? wanted for this place yeah, we had a very very good relationship working them and i'm very excited to show you what they're stuck now after the walls are done. we started do don't lay out the floor cuz it was just great men and it's bloody hideous we won the flooring to

really last throughout the years the usual house you see at about 3mm ours is 6m the thick one and use the expensive click system insects for our office is this system as well because the office had house underneath but then we just overlay with this v now flooring so i would say it's very convenient alice transferring, but we didn't man, okay so for aircon we decided use gain city because their pricing is extremely competitive by that i mean they actually provide us with the low worst coat compared to like five six other companies so the installation and a piping everything they did it for us and our sitter is quite difficult especially for unique because of the uneven surfaces and uneven heights but the technicians did it perfectly and there was no problems at all so i particularly like this part of their service and one interesting thing is you can try out your preferred aircon at the anu megastores ricardo so various as you went to pick up the

icons for us and these are icons so by this time i was thinking okay you know what i'm gonna run our budget to build split because everything is way more expensive than i expected next is the part that i argue the most with brian above which is wallpaper because ryan wanted a red brick design all over the place because he wonders you know nyc last kind of feel but i wanted it to be bright and long texture so we argued a lot and a lot but i finally gave in to him and we ordered from war half this brick brick wallpaper and we paste almost

70% of the office by the way our if you are like pasting wallpaper on high places the caesars leave home is $200 a day laughs. i thought this fucking song is free from there. it's not for lighting this one. i actually got a place that is recommended by my personal friend, okay it's called blackout studio, and my friend use it for her own house you know stella was very nice and i actually got aurelia to come down and choose the lights with me cuz she's a bimbo and she wanted to choose the lights for the office and we picked a lot of led light tracks, and the only overhead light that we have is actually in my room and i picked something which i really like is this like

box that you can change the temperature you can change the intensity with a remote control that was my only touch in my own war the rest is right in this aisle shut up you see the interior came in early early right and then it took all the measurements and by now they have finished fabricating all the structure i other wardrobes and stuff so they started do like bring everything in and fixing them in place to be honest they are one of my favorite supply to work with they built a huge wardrobe to separate the studio and julian's working area because initially we wanted more partition but then they say oh no a wall partition is just so useless why don't you just make a cabinet to be a partition instead because then you will be usable and

then i just last minute decided to build a fortress for myself so this fortress cost me eight thousand five hundred dollars. it has a hidden opening like a cover letter, so it feels very narnia everybody calls it my prison, but i love it and i have to stay inside because it's just my happy little place it does not remind me of hell it is a fortress so right before we move in obviously we have to clean up the hopeless and i thought seeking to do it and seeking green cleaner to come to it from green cleaner so seeking from this place whose owner is a poor guy the boss is really nice, and the workers are pretty good now this cleaners right? i'm not your usual fee

no, they were like wear. gloves wear. masks everything on and each time we are using them now about three or four people come, but the first time we did a huge big cleaning rack i think it was almost seven pegs who came down and like they call everything inside out that it was like quite ready to move in within a day and then over the weekend we needed to pack out all of this wool so i start long and hot ok and my budgeting and everything and i decided on this very specialized group people to come and use my office and pack and that is the noc tells thank you, so i first entered all come in on a saturday, and they came in voluntarily

by her office and pack everything into boxes we put our stuff in the lorry okay, that's the company knew of the movers. okay, the mover is aurelius boyfriend's friend who told him during their soccer match did they want to help us move so earlier came back to tell us that her boyfriend friend told the boyfriend during soccer that they want to help us move into the lorry so basically what they did was yell are they moving everything here, so 100% credit goes to two of you guys and zero to myself because that we can i was just lying down at home and then we realize one thing honey, we're in is sugar in the gap sir we rested so we approached on the way to help us do these

cctv system and also the lock and the lock is very interesting because it is a fingerprint system and you know what if you're our friend you will have your fingerprint register so if you have a fingerprint know that llc loves you to death and you do not have a fingerprint that means we are not that close i and a very important thing that we wanted in this office is a toilet that we can like shower and start so we got bella to search for this very special toilet bowl that cost us $300 and it is a callable with this sink apparently the water from the scene goes down for the next flash, so i would say quite fun bowels you know quite quite go green in that sense and on top of the toilet is

something that i have i'll give ryan a little bit because he bought this stupid got them smart mirror that is just too big goddamn stupid bryan just insisted that i say this but the retail price is actually 2005 and he called it $1000 each, so it is a seal. are you happy now? by now i guess you'd be like calculating your hit really how much the energy spent on this office i think the most expensive part of this office is the kitchen because of the studio island and even like the countertop, right we went for really high grade countertop, so it's the only 6mm countertop in singapore, and we caught that so our kitchen is super duper burglar worthy we will show you more details about the kitchen because that's ryan's favorite place in the next video and we started moving in a lot of the old stuff

like the furniture like the plans like we try to fill this place up because it was looking quite empty i wanted this not to be just an office but it was like our dream to really have a youtube house and appeal where everybody can work at one place nicely together and also have fun, and also it's a place to like invite people over for parties and stuff and i think we did achieve that to a great extent so thank you to all the nfc friends and family who have contributed to this beautiful space that we now call our own and thank you to all the companies who like knowing that we are on a budget gave us discounts we really really appreciate it learn a little bit about the steps you take to peel a

fish from scratch and i hope you guys tune in next week to find out the office tour by the way there will be a quite a bit of giveaways because we're still working out the deals with everybody with what with to hopefully provide you guys with a discount code or freebies or whatever, but we're still working that out, but next week i think you'll be finalized and tune in because yeah, we are working very hot to give you guys giveaway thank you for watching and remember to click here for more and click here to subscribe and i will teach you how to arm chasm